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School and Anxiety During a Pandemic

School and Anxiety During a Pandemic

Since March of 2020, families and children have had to make major adjustments in their lives due to the pandemic, especially when it is related to school. Many parents were left at home trying to figure out the best way to run their household and now assist with their children’s academics. Many children were at home, isolated from their normal life of being with their peers and teachers. Throughout the past year and a half, many families and children have done a lot of adjusting to the new normal, which has caused both stress and anxiety. As we enter back into the 2021 school year, there are several ways to manage this stress and anxiety.

  • Utilize your support systems, such as your loved ones, peers, school social workers and therapist to help you and your family with any adjudgments
  • Schedule in daily “me” time with something you love doing such as reading or exercising
  • Work on regulating your schedule again as we enter back into the school and work buildings
  • Schedule in weekly time to be outdoors and connect with mother nature as this is proven to decrease our stress and anxiety levels
  • Bring any concerns up with your therapist to work on decreasing your levels of stress and anxiety.

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