Sober Curious Summer

Written by: Jennifer Acker, M.A.
Sober Curious Summer

Summer is officially upon us. The temperature is rising, kids are out of school, and we are spending more time outdoors. Whether it’s poolside snacks, barbeques, or picnics, people love any excuse to get together with friends for food and fun. Often at these events there is an expectation to indulge in the alcoholic beverages being offered. However, more and more people are choosing to live a sober lifestyle. In 2018 the term “Sober Curious” gained popularity after the publishing of the book Sober Curious written by Ruby Warrington. This movement aims to challenge social norms around alcohol and encourage mindful consumption. For those in recovery from an Alcohol Use Disorder or being sober-curious and taking a step back from alcohol, these fun get togethers can be hard to navigate. Here are some practical tips to have a sober summer.

1. Bring your own preferred beverage and keep it in your hands
2. Try a mocktail (a non-alcoholic cocktail)
3. Bring a friend for support who is also not drinking alcohol
4. Plan to leave the event before heavy alcohol consumption begins
5. Plan your own event that does not include alcohol

No one has to miss out on fun summer activities because alcohol will be involved. There are many reasons why someone chooses not to drink alcohol. We can respect someone’s decision not to drink alcohol by accepting their decline of an alcoholic beverage and offering an alternative. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your decision. If you are sober-curious and would like to explore your relationship with alcohol, schedule a session with a Therapist at The Summit Counseling Center.