Stuck Inside With Spring Fever

Stuck Inside With Spring Fever

The change from Winter to Spring is something many of us look forward to. Cold weather is replaced with warmth and sunshine, the days are now longer, and everything seems brighter and greener. Many of us count down the days until the flowers start to bloom and we don’t have to wear coats just to go check the mail.

However, this Spring looks a little different for many of us this year.

If you are now working from home or practicing social distancing, you may feel a little stir-crazy. Keeping your distance from others is crucial as we push through COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the weather. In fact, the warm, sunny weather could be quite beneficial while we are all at home.

Sunlight and fresh air have been shown to aid in overall feelings of happiness and cognitive functioning.  Being outside, even for a few minutes, could really help elevate your mood and help you not feel as “trapped” inside your home.

Going outside does not mean you cannot continue social distancing. Here are some ways to incorporate some sunshine in your new daily routine.

  • Go on a walk around the block – Keep the 6ft distancing rule in place and go on a walk around your neighborhood.
  • Work from outside – If you are working remotely, you could move your home office onto a porch or backyard if that is an option that is available to you.
  • Open a window – If you cannot go outside, let some fresh air inside. Open a window or even just the blinds to let in some of the spring sunlight.
  • Family Picnic – Throw a picnic in the backyard. This is a good way to spend family quality time, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and still practice social distancing.
  • Start a new project outside – You could start a garden or work on projects that involve you being outside of the house for a little bit.
  • Workout outside – This does not necessarily mean running in a public place. Even doing strength training or yoga in your back yard is a wonderful way to get some sunlight.

We all may feel a little stuck or stir crazy at times right now. As we try to establish a new routine in our homes, consider implementing some time outside into your day.