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Thriving Through Seasons: Navigating Emotions and Goals at Work

Written by: Jason Howard, M.A.
Thriving Through Seasons: Navigating Emotions and Goals at Work

As winter blooms into spring, and spring turns to summer, the world awakens with vibrant energy and numerous possibilities. Beyond the chirping birds and blooming flowers lies a business landscape ripe for growth. As a former sales and marketing manager turned licensed mental health counselor, I understand the delicate dance between emotions and success in the workplace.

In this article, I offer a few practical reminders to nurture your mental and emotional well-being as you steer your team toward achieving quarterly goals:

  1. Embrace the Emotional Tides:
  • Initial Excitement: When setting quarterly goals, enthusiasm often propels us forward. But as weeks pass, emotions shift. Take a weekly pause to observe without judgment. Where has excitement transformed into stress? Validate frustrations—they hold valuable insights.
  • Fuel from Overwhelm: Paradoxically, acknowledging difficult emotions—like frustration—can fuel motivation and perseverance. Validate frustrations and annoyances and let them be your allies.
  1. Mindfulness Anchors Success:
  • Stay Present: Mindfulness grounds you in the now. Instead of dwelling on past errors or distant outcomes, focus on the facts of the present moment. Catch your mind when it time travels for too long into the past or future and remember swift problem-solving and creative brainstorming thrive in the here and now.
  • Celebrate Progress: Small victories matter. Acknowledge achievements—even if they fall short of the grand goal. These moments boost morale and resilience.
  1. Adaptability as Your North Star:
  • Guideposts, Not Shackles: Quarterly goals are guideposts, not rigid chains. Priorities shift, unexpected challenges arise. Adaptability is your superpower.
  • Learn from Setbacks: When setbacks occur, view them as stepping-stones. What will you learn? How will you adjust? Resilience blooms from setbacks.

Remember, emotions aren’t adversaries; they’re allies. As you navigate seasons and goals, honor both—the blooming and the setbacks. Let this quarter be one of growth, connection, and thriving.

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