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Tips for Maintaining Relationships During COVID-19

Tips for Maintaining Relationships During COVID-19

During COVID-19, most of us find ourselves away from our friends and family. We may be social distancing with our immediate families, but we are now missing the daily connections with others.

Social distancing is extremely important as we push through this pandemic, however maintaining the relationships we have had before isolation is just as important.

Maintaining relationships are vital to your overall mental health. During this time, we need to be intentional about checking in with our friends and family in order to create a sense of normalcy and connection with others outside of our homes. Luckily with the technological age we live in, you can maintain relationships while keeping your distance.

Below are some tips on how to maintain your relationships while social distancing:

  • Weekly phone check in – Have a set time each week where you check in with friends and family. While not ignoring COVID-19, make it a priority to talk about other things that may be going on outside of the coronavirus. This will help establish some normalcy to the new normal we are processing.
  • Have a video chat with your friends – While talking on the phone is certainly a way to connect with friends, face to face communication is even more important. This helps build stronger relationships with others.
  • Create a weekly challenge – This is a great time to try some new activities with friends. Maybe you can try a recipe challenge, start a workout accountability group, a virtual book club, or a movie marathon utilizing video chat.

This is a difficult and frightening time for everyone, so now, more than ever, it is important to lean on our friends and family. Although we are social distancing our self from others, we should make our relationships a priority.