What I Have Learned While Sheltering in Place

What I Have Learned While Sheltering in Place

Throughout our time staying in to flatten the curve, I’ve had the opportunity to pause and reflect on what I have learned during this time.

Connection is key – Humans find meaning and joy through connection, we thrive when we​ maintain positive relationships. When asked to reflect on a joyful memory from the past, it almost always has to do with connection. While we might have to find new or creative avenues to connect with others, it is so essential for our health. We are all in this together. One of the positives from this pandemic is we can all relate to the feeling of our lives being disrupted or lost our sense of normalcy in some capacity. I urge you, even if the phone feels like a thousand pounds… call, text, or zoom. Connect in whatever way feels best for you.

It’s okay to grieve or feel overwhelmed right now -​ These times are uncharted territory for all of us. We are not sure when things will reopen or when a vaccine can be created. It is okay to feel emotional about many different aspects… Many have lost loved ones throughout this pandemic, and are unable to hold a typical service for loved ones. Others are grieving events or milestones that cannot be celebrated as planned, such as college graduations or weddings. I encourage you to take time to process your emotions and know it is okay to feel this way.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T – I have a profound respect for cashiers, healthcare works, janitors, government​   employees and many more! This is just a small list of the essential employees that are working so hard to keep our country running. Everyone working makes a major impact and sacrifices their health to support our ours. How will we ever repay them? STAY HOME!- unless it’s essential…

The attitude of gratitude – Please allow yourself to grieve and process negative emotions, but​   look for at least one positive aspect of each day. Personally, for me, I need to focus on the good to preserve my health and wellbeing. There is a lot of fear that is so easy to focus on. The human brain is hardwired to search for negative or threatening information, as a mechanism to keep us safe. The more we train our neuropathways to seek gratitude, the easier it becomes. Try on the attitude of gratitude, it’s a good look on everyone!