What is Social Media Telling Me?

Written by: Line Fleming, LPC, M.A.
What is Social Media Telling Me?

Keeping up with our teens and their social media use can be a challenge. There are so many platforms and apps that can be explored. It can be difficult to keep up with them all. One thing we can do is to have an open dialogue with our teens about social media. They need to ask themselves “What is Social Media Telling Me?”

The following are some ways to discuss it:

1. Have your teen list the social media outlets they engage with and how often they look at the sites.
2. Talk about how misleading posts, advertisements, and photo filters can create unrealistic thoughts and expectations.
3. List what is a perceived unrealistic social media post and why it is perceived that way.
4. Has your teen ever posted unrealistic things? What was the motivation behind it?
5. Review what a realistic post should look like.

It’s important for teens to participate in this discussion. Let them come up with ways they can counter unrealistic expectations online. Since social media will continue to be a part of our teen’s lives, highlight the positive ways they can connect online.