Supporting Our Families During COVID-19

We know that our families are struggling to balance work, family-life and self-care. This page is a resource to help you and your family survive by providing resources, information and coping skills. You don’t have to do it alone!

Resources for Adults/Couples


Effectively Navigating Change

Transitions: How to cope with change and set realistic expectations and cope with transition


5 Ways to Ease Loneliness

3 Clues That You are Feeling Anxious

How to breathe: A simple way to lower anxiety in 5 easy steps.

Tips to Managing Stress

Self-Care: Taking Care of Your Body

DBT’s Guide to Self Soothing

The Power of Mindfulness

6 Self-Care Tips to Reduce Stress


Can Christians Practice Mindfulness

Christian Mindfulness

1-Minute Mindfulness Exercise

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Learning Deep Breathing

How To Use Mindfulness To Strengthen Your Relationship

How Mindfulness Can Help During COVID-19


Couples Love Map Quiz

Under One Roof: Home Together During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Little Things You Do

Quarantine Can Test Any Relationship. A Couples Therapist Guide How To Cope

How To Keep The Peace With Your Partner

100 Questions To Ask Your Partner On Date Night

Learn Your Love Languages

Working Remote Tips

5 Tips To WFH

Working Remote During COVID

7 Tips To WFH

5 Tips For Staying Productive And Mentally Healthy While You’Re Working From Home

5 Tips For Effectively Working From Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak, When You Have Kids

8 Tips To Make Working From Home Work For You

12 Self-Care Tips To Remember When Working From Home

32 Working From Home Tips

20 Tips For WFH

Working From Home With A Spouse

Coping During Corona

Releasing Stress Through Music

Caregiver Guide To Helping Families W/ COVID-19

Combating Cabin Fever & Staying Productive

Mental Health Coping Strategies

Self-Care & Social Distancing

Taking Care Of Your Behavioral Health

Taking Care Of Ourselves During A Infectious Disease Outbreak

Navigating Coronavirus

Helping Children Cope With Traumatic Events

Tips For Handling Work And Kids During COVID-19 Isolation

How To Be Alone But Not Lonely

How To Keep Your Cool During Corona

Coping Strategies for Complex Trauma Survivors Contending with the Coronavirus

Child Mind Institute Tip of the Day

How Not to Lose Your Mind During Corona

Child Mind Institute Tip of the Day


Virtual National Parks Tour


Live Stream Concerts

Corona Quarantine: 100 Things To Do

30 Journaling Prompts

30 More Journaling Prompts

100 Fun Things To Do While Stuck Indoors

GA Aquarium Webcam

Watch the Beluga Whale Webcam

125 Activities to Keep Kids Entertained During COVID 19