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We know that our families are struggling to balance work, family-life and self-care.  This page is a resource to help you and your family survive by providing resources, information and coping skills.  You don’t have to do it alone!

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Psycho-Educational and Neuropsychological Testing Via Telehealth

Communications and Blogs

Information and Resources


Resources to Discuss Race With Your Child


Corroding Relationships with Contemptment

Parent Support Forum (Video)

Navigating the Unknown: Coping Skills for Families During COVID-19 (Video)

Helping Families Cope with Anxiety, School Closure, and the Unknowns During COVID-19 (Video)

Distracting from Racing Thoughts

Criticism vs. Complaint

Transitions: How to Cope With Change and Set Realistic Expectations and Cope With Transition

Understanding Ecotherapy

Lockdown is the World’s Biggest Psychological Experiment – and We Will Pay the Price (News)

Cultivating Courage

Waiting on the Unknown

“You’re Not Working from Home, You’re Home Working Through a Pandemic.”

Yoga Shine – Yoga for Kids & Families (Video)

DBT: Mindfulness of Noticing Thoughts (Video)

Small Steps That Make A Big Impact On Our Mental Health (Video)

Morning Mindset (Video)

Comparing Yourself To Others

Daily Mental Health Maintenance

What I Have Learned While Sheltering in Place

Tele Play Therapy – How Could This Work?

Continuing or Starting Counseling During COVID19

How To Establish Healthy Personal Boundaries: Part 1

Feeling In Control During Covid-19

Yoga Shine – Yoga for Kids & Families (Video)

Home from College

Under One Roof: Managing Family Dynamics During COVID-19

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus (Video)

Managing Your Emotions In a Crisis with TIPP (Video)

A Mindfulness Exercise for Bad Days (Video)

Juggling Parenting, Working, and Teaching During COVID-19 (Video)

The Power of Music and Dance

Telehealth and VideoTherapy

Addressing Our Grief Over COVID-19

How to Manage Our Household Anxieties

Worry V. Concern

Simple Ways to Stay Stimulated When Binge-Watching Gets Boring

Calm During COVID-19

Five Tips to Find Some Normalcy During a Not-So-Normal Time

Tips for Maintaining Relationships During COVID-19

Working from Home – A Guide to Self-Care

Mental and Emotional Flexibility in the Age of COVID-19

Free Wellness Webinars To Expand Your Mental Health Knowledge

Stuck Inside With Spring Fever

Information and Resources