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Ewell Hardman’s Blog

Ewell Hardman joined The Summit staff in December of 2007. He provides addiction treatment, management, consultation, and specialized personal counseling services with sensitivity to spiritual needs. Ewell’s interest is in finding ways to help persons caught in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual traps of addiction find new freedom, health, and wholeness. He provides services for process addictions, codependency and unresolved adult child of alcoholics’ issues. Current services include Level 1 outpatient DUI Treatment that is from 6 weeks to one year. He provides assessments for persons with chronic pain who may have substance related problems. Also families with persons who are resistant to help may obtain family interventions. Mr. Hardman provides an initial assessment for persons with alcohol and drug related legal problems or custody issues. Also, for persons who have misdemeanor shoplifting or anger related legal charges he provides cognitive behavioral classes for courts and alternative sentencing agreements.

He currently is on the Georgia DUI Intervention Program Registry for Fulton County. As Chairman of the Training and Education Committee for the Georgia Addictions Counseling Association, he provides leadership in the development of statewide training programs for the association. Ewell continues as an occasional lecturer at the Emory Medical School, Atlanta, Ga. where he addresses issues of professional impairment with physician assistants.

Spiritual therapies have been both group and individual to address the spiritual problems of persons seeking recovery. He conducted spiritually focused groups for 20 years that addressed the universal spiritual needs of recovering persons in a group therapeutic experience. Spiritual education groups provided foundational concepts for persons to use in beginning a discussion about their own spiritual experiences, needs and commitments.

Ewell and his wife, Nancey have been married 43 years. They have two grown daughters and enjoy many mutual interests such as science fiction, movies, reading and music. Raised on a family farm near Atlanta, Ewell still enjoys the soil and gardening as well as a strong interest in classic cars.



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