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reclaim-stock-photo-three-female-friends-stood-in-a-row-shut-1024x682The years between high school and getting established in your career can be some of the most enjoyable and exciting years of your life!  They can also be some of the most treacherous years of your life!  At The Summit, many of our clients are between 18 years of age and 30!  We understand the special difficulties and hurdles of these years–for young adults and for their parents.

This time of life is often spent bringing greater definition to the issues of:

Identity – Who am I?  Who do I choose to be?  What are my values?  What do I believe?
Vocation — What am I good at?  What do I really feel passionately about?  How am I going to make a living?
IntimacyHow do I get close to someone?  How do I keep from losing myself?  How do I set clear boundaries?  What does a health relationship look like?

The greatest tension of this period of life is between dependence and independence.  Young adults are, by rights, “adults”–with all the legal privileges and responsibilities of adults.  However, most young adults are not yet either ready or able to assume complete financial responsibility for their lives.  So, there is often tension between a 20 something adult’s need for independence and the desires (or demands) of significant support people in their lives (parents, romantic partners, employers, and peers).

At The Summit, we are ready to work with you to tackle these issues.  We will consult with you about the most effective ways to involve (or not involve) the significant support people in your life to help you achieve your goals and get your life headed in the right direction!

If you are ready to speak to one of our friendly front office staff about The Summit or would like to make an appointment, please call (678)893-5300.

The Summit Counseling Center
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