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The Summit Understands Non-Profits

20190447_sFor nearly 25 years now the Summit has been in the people-helping business, faithfully serving the communities of Atlanta as a 501c3 non-profit organization providing professional counseling services to people in need of coaching, counseling, and therapeutic services. As such, the Summit is both proud and uniquely positioned to come along side of area non-profits as Partners in Caring to provide hope and healing to those served by other non-profit organizations like CURE Childhood Cancer and the Will To Live Foundation.

Will To Live Foundation

Partnering with the Will To Live Foundation allows us the opportunity to walk through the valley with teens as they wrestle with severe depression and all to often contemplate ending their life.

CURE Childhood Cancer

Partnering with CURE Childhood Cancer provides us with the opportunities to address the tsunami of emotional and psychological needs of families of children who are battling with childhood cancer; and bring hope and healing to those who have experienced grief and trauma in losing their child to this heartless disease.

Imagine How We Can Help Your Organization

If we can add value to remarkable non-profits like these, odds are that partnering together, that we can help expand the reach and impact of your organization as well. For more information about becoming a Partner In Caring please contact us at 678-893-5300.

The Summit Counseling Center
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