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11183288_sWork…it’s where we spend the majority of our days. How we work impacts every other area of our lives, including our faith, family, and health. Polls indicate that our work is taking a major toll on us, as individuals and as a society. Whether you are an employee or employer we can help you identify and address the primary pain points and guide you step be step on the path to increased peace, productivity, and fulfillment in your work life.

The workplace is not immune to the mental health issues that we see in our headlines and breaking news each month. Our mental and emotional well-being is central to our ability to experience work life balance, increased productivity, as well as creating a corporate culture of health and wellness.

Through Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), personality assessments, and evaluations Summit Counseling helps make your business work.

Below are few issues that our counselors address on a regular basis.

  • Balancing Family & Work
  • Career Assessment & Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Executive Coaching
  • Goal Setting & Accountability
  • Management Consultation
  • Workaholic Recovery
  • 360 (degree symbol) Feedback

To learn more about how the Summit can help your business work better, please call us at 678-893-5300.

The Summit Counseling Center
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