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Max Merritt

January 24, 2022

Hello all, As I mentioned previously, my next few blogs will cover a little bit from each DBT module that Summit offers. I shared an exercise from the Mindfulness module last time and will be sharing a skill from...

Practicing Mindfulness
June 23, 2021

Recently, I had two dreams come true. The first was moving from an associate licensed counselor to being a fully licensed counselor. A long road let me tell you. The second dream was completing training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy...

Healthy Relationships Between Parents and Teens
April 9, 2021

Healthy Relationships between Parents & Teens require good communication. A healthy relationship is one that is based on respect, honesty, trust, communication, individuality, safety, support, and acceptance. Here are some tips for communication that will help foster a healthy...

A Word for the New Year
January 8, 2021

As we enter this new year many of you may be breathing a sigh of relief to have made it through 2020. For me personally, I think making it through 2020 was an accomplishment for all of us and,...

Loss and Recovery
October 2, 2020

The great H. Norman Wright once wrote that the most important element in recovering from loss is to remain connected to other people.  This has no doubt been even more difficult if you have experienced a loss due to...

How to Establish Healthy Personal Boundaries: Part 2
July 9, 2020

Welcome back! I hope you are doing well and staying healthy. Today I will be finishing up my discussion on how to establish healthy personal boundaries. I do hope that part one was beneficial to you and that this...

How To Establish Healthy Personal Boundaries: Part 1
April 8, 2020

This topic may seem a little strange given the circumstances the world is currently facing, but given the forced personal boundaries that have become a must to help stem the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought I would...

Be the Change You Want to See In Your Communication
January 7, 2020

A common issue that I encounter in my work as a counselor is communication problems. Most of the time we think of communication problems being exclusive to couples or marital counseling, but the reality is communication problems can be...