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6 Pre-Marriage Questions Every Parent Should Share With Their Engaged Child
September 22, 2022

A 6-Minute Read As the weather starts changing here in Georgia, it is more than fall you’re noticing in the air. It’s time for wedding season. That’s right! September and October are on record as the second and first...

How to Have Productive Discussions (Not Arguments!) with Your Child
July 25, 2022

Every parent has been there: You start with what seems like a simple request or question, and then, suddenly, you are in a screaming match with your child. How did it escalate to this? First and foremost, remember who...

Summer Slump
July 25, 2022

We are halfway through summer break. Are you starting to notice that your child has gone from being happy to be out of school and loving life to becoming more of a bored zombie around the house? Structure may...

Why Your Kids Don’t Want to Talk to You
July 25, 2022

In this line of work, we often hear frustrations from parents regarding what their kids are and are not doing. A common one is typically something along the lines of, “I can tell something is wrong, but they won’t...

12 Tips for Building Better Relationships with Your Children
July 12, 2022

Set aside time weekly to spend time engaging in an activity that your child enjoys. Praise positive behavior that your child exhibits. Research has shown that positive reinforcement can positively improve a child’s social skills and behaviors. Give compliments...

Good Question!
May 9, 2022

I’ve been asked many questions as a counselor before I start seeing somebody. Recently I spoke with a mom who asked some great questions and inspired me to think more about what may be some good questions to ask...

How to Support Your LGBTQ+ Child
April 12, 2022

Having family support for your child identifying in the LGBTQ community can be beneficial to their overall mental health and physical health. Being accepted by your family can decrease mental health symptoms such as isolation, depression, anxiety, substance abuse,...

Protecting Our Loved Ones
March 31, 2022

By Darrick Brown, MDiv, Mental Health Awareness Coordinator Sex and sexuality can create beautiful experiences. For some, it’s a bonding experience, a solidifying spiritual union. For others, it’s a fun expression of playful joy and thoughtfulness. Sex can be...

March Madness Milestones
March 31, 2022

By the time you’re reading this, an NCAA basketball champion will have already been crowned and the NBA Playoffs, NFL Draft and MLB Opening Day will be gearing up, keeping the sports machine going… The sports machine never quits....