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Marriage Counseling

Myths of Marriage
July 20, 2021

The music swells as the couple finds each other on the street. The credits roll with the lovers in one another’s arms, vowing to never be apart again. The camera zooms out and the audience is left to imagine...

5 Ways to Revitalize Your Relationship Routine
February 5, 2021

With the beginning of a new year well underway and the somewhat cliché mantra of “New year, new you!” still ringing in the air, many of us are starting to look around and wonder what has really changed. The...

3 Tips to Listen to Your Spouse Better
January 20, 2021

You never listen to me! Have you ever heard that statement from your spouse in the middle of a heated argument? Are the two of you constantly arguing about the same things all the time? Want to know how...

Building Habits of Connection into Your Marriage
October 2, 2020

All throughout our lives we are coached on the subject of establishing good and healthy habits for ourselves like: making our bed, brushing our teeth, eating well. But even with all that coaching and effort, keeping up with a...

Practice Gratitude to Protect Marriage
September 16, 2019

The guaranteed stresses of life cause high emotional intensity between marriage partners that often lead to hurtful exchanges. These hurtful exchanges can, unfortunately, lead to a gridlock of anger and disconnection.  So, how do marriages last and thrive when...

It’s Staring Back at You
October 25, 2012

“What we do in life echoes in eternity!” This declaration, made by the character General Maximus Decimus Meridius, is intensely depicted in the motion picture Gladiator (2000).  I have watched this movie over and over and I am still...

All Arguments are not Created Equal
February 9, 2011

Arguments happen in all marriages, in fact they are necessary.  Conflicts  may arise because of  financial stresses, parenting issues and misunderstandings. Couples must face these daily disagreements in order to operate and function effectively.  However, there are forms of negativity in arguments that have been...

A Quick and Easy Technique to Improve Marital Communication
January 31, 2011

Do the arguments between you and your spouse quickly disintegrate into a heated battle without any chance of reaching a win/win conclusion?  Check to make sure that a harsh start up is not dooming you to failure. A harsh...

Marriage: Beating the Odds
January 13, 2011

Most recently I have found myself reflecting on the sacredness of marriage. At the center of my home is my parents’ wedding picture.  It is an ever-present reminder to my family of the central value and purpose of marriage....