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Your Child’s Anxiety: Signs and Strategies for Calming Their Mind and Body
July 17, 2023

Did you know that anxiety disorders are the most common type of psychological problem that children experience? One in eight children suffer from a significant anxiety disorder (Wang, 2017). In an average sized classroom of about 25 school-aged children,...

Easy Tips to Overcome Procrastination
February 24, 2023

Procrastination often gets a bad rap. It is viewed as lazy, having a lack of organization, poor prioritization, or bad time management. But sometimes the pressure is what motivates someone to get the work done. Others have their thoughts...

De-Catastrophizing Your Thoughts
August 30, 2022

Sometimes what can cause us to feel anxious is our own thoughts. A common thought process we have when feeling anxious is going to the worst possible outcome in our heads for a situation that is coming up. This...

Help to Control Test Anxiety
March 31, 2022

When a big test is coming up it is normal to feel nervous, especially if you know that the test is going to count for a huge percentage of your final grade. When we feel anxious, we may experience...

Stress vs. Anxiety
January 6, 2022

Many people in their daily lives deal with both stress and anxiety, but what is the difference between the two? Stress is generally a response to an external issue, such as taking an exam or having a busy-scheduled day....

Reclaiming 2022 – Part I: Control
December 15, 2021

We have experienced two long years with 2020 and 2021. I remember when 2020 started. I thought the biggest part of my year was turning 40, having no idea I would experience events that would forever change our lives....

How to Take Time Away from Your Phone
November 2, 2021

2009: I had a flip phone. It was only my second year using a phone, but I was obsessed with it- the way it felt in my hand, the rhythm of flipping it open to text, even just the comfort of having...

How to Support Your Teenager with Anxiety
October 1, 2021

Most of the teenagers I work with experience anxiety in some form. Over my years working with this population, I have found that I often am supporting the parents and family as well. I do not often hear people...