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5 Effective Ways to Encourage Your Child to Open Up and Communicate
August 7, 2023

Communication is a vital skill that empowers children to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs effectively. As parents, we play a crucial role in nurturing this skill and creating a safe environment for our children to open up and...

How to Fight Boredom with a Summer Routine
July 17, 2023

Like many of you, I have been hearing a chorus of “I’m bored” from my school-aged clients recently. Without the structure of a typical school schedule, many teenagers get out of the routine of doing anything at all during...

How to Help Your Child Use Their Wise Mind
July 17, 2023

First, it is helpful to understand the mind in three parts and the advantages vs. disadvantages of these parts, then explain them to your child. Part 1: The Rational/Reasonable Mind: This is the mind that pays attention to logic and...

Your Child’s Anxiety: Signs and Strategies for Calming Their Mind and Body
July 17, 2023

Did you know that anxiety disorders are the most common type of psychological problem that children experience? One in eight children suffer from a significant anxiety disorder (Wang, 2017). In an average sized classroom of about 25 school-aged children,...

Opioid Use, It’s Effects on Children, and How to Identify Misuse
April 25, 2023

On average, 130 Americans die from opioid overdose (including prescription- Oxycodone, Codeine, Morphine, and Fentanyl, and illicit opioids- heroine) EVERY DAY. This statistic affects the children in our community, as 2 million children annually have a parent who uses...

10 Tips to Boost your Child’s Self-Esteem
March 14, 2023

Wanting your child to grow and develop into a happy, confident individual is normal for many parents. Though this is a common goal for most parents, it’s not always clear how to help your child build their self-esteem. Put...

Why Play Therapy
March 14, 2023

If you have a child who is elementary age or younger and may be struggling with behavioral or emotional challenges, play therapy is likely the best fit for them. Play Therapy has been developed over the years as a...

What is Attachment Theory?
January 17, 2023

John Bowlby, a British psychologist, was the first to develop the concept of attachment theory. He described attachment as a “lasting psychological connectedness between human beings”. His primary interest was in understanding the bond between children and their primary...