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Low Self-Esteem

Self-Worth & Values
July 13, 2020

“I am valuable. I am worthy.” When was the last time we said that out loud to ourselves? How often do we say this to ourselves? For most people, it is rare if ever. Both acknowledging that we are...

The Power of Self Compassion
March 18, 2020

Most of us can be critical of ourselves from time to time. We may judge our performance, appearance, behavior, or personality. Feelings of guilt or shame may prompt us to reflect on something we said or did. Reflecting on...

The Perfectionist and Procrastination
February 6, 2020

Perfectionism is defined as striving towards the impossibly high goal of perfection. The trap that exists with this type of standard is that the perfectionists can never be good enough – if it isn’t perfect, it’s horrible. Unfortunately, perfectionism...