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Social Skills

2 Tools for Effective Communication
June 24, 2019

Every single individual on earth is constantly communicating, but they may not be communicating effectively. Often, we grow frustrated with our efforts to get our point across to others or when we try to fully comprehend others, but we...

How NOT to Empathetically Listen
November 12, 2018

Most of us want to be there for the people in our lives. We want to take care of them when they hurt and support them when they struggle. In these good intentions and attempts to help, most of...

All Arguments are not Created Equal
February 9, 2011

Arguments happen in all marriages, in fact they are necessary.  Conflicts  may arise because of  financial stresses, parenting issues and misunderstandings. Couples must face these daily disagreements in order to operate and function effectively.  However, there are forms of negativity in arguments that have been...