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Communication Skills

Be the Change You Want to See In Your Communication
January 7, 2020

A common issue that I encounter in my work as a counselor is communication problems. Most of the time we think of communication problems being exclusive to couples or marital counseling, but the reality is communication problems can be...

How to Balance Connection & Boundaries During the Holiday Season
December 23, 2019

The holiday season can be filled with rich and joyous moments full of connection. The holiday season can also be filled with stress and overworking, trying to connect with family and friends and feeling overwhelmed and burdened in the...

Effectively Navigating Change
December 16, 2019

Fall is approaching and there will be significant changes in our world. Leaves will fall and the temperature will as well. This is a change that we expect to happen each year. Expected changes can be nice however does...

Why Mindfulness?
December 9, 2019

Do you feel you often forget things or conversations?  Do you have difficulty staying focused or completing a task?  Do you find yourself feeling bored if you are not doing more than one thing at a time?  Do you...

How to Tackle Bedtime
September 23, 2019

Getting down a bedtime routine is like nailing the perfect recipe. In order to have a successful, stress-free, bedtime there are a few keys ingredients that go a long way when it comes to sweet dreams. Consistency Try to...