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A Simple Fix to a Bad Day
August 26, 2019

  Have you ever had one of those days where everything goes wrong? Or maybe you feel irritable for unknown reasons and you can’t shake the feeling.  Marsha Linehan, the founder of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and her team created a...

“I’m Not Yelling, You’re Yelling”: Top 5 Tips to Managing Conflict with Your Partner
August 12, 2019

Contrary to popular belief, conflict within a relationship is healthy. Conflict allows us to express our inner concerns and/or feelings and often leads to positive resolution. How you handle that conflict, however, typically results in one of two ways:...

You Are Enough
July 29, 2019

“You are enough” is one of my most loved and most hated phrases. On the one hand, it can be very assuring. It can be the phrase that keeps you from comparing yourself to other people, especially unrealistic images...

Surviving Your Partner’s Depression
July 15, 2019

If your partner is suffering from depression, you may be feeling helpless, overwhelmed, frustrated and confused.  Trying to help may have left you feeling rejected, ignored or alone.  Your depressed partner needs love and support, but you alone cannot...

DBT’s Guide to Self-Soothing
May 28, 2019

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a specialized type of cognitive therapy that focuses on helping individuals regulate their emotions, tolerate painful emotions, and maintain relationships with others. One of the skills DBT focuses on is self-soothing. Self-soothing is your...

The Mask of Anger
May 13, 2019

“Why is my teen so angry?” is a common question raised by parents as their previously even-tempered child’s mood starts to vacillate between apathy and moodiness. This period can be particularly challenging for parents who are resolved to believe...