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Alyssa Kiss

Chronic Pain Series: Pain and the Holidays
January 3, 2024

As we enter into the holiday season, there are so many exciting, fun, and busy activities, events, and to-dos on our list. This can be a point for individuals to take a break, slow down, and spend time with...

How to Support Students Facing Academic Pressure & Stress
October 10, 2023

As we approach the fall, school begins picking up and the weight of different responsibilities can begin to feel overwhelming. Many of our students deal with high levels of school anxiety and academic stress. They are being asked to...

Chronic Pain Series: The Importance of Pain-Validation
July 17, 2023

“…If only things would hurt in a clearer way.” – Excerpt of a poem by Fortesa Latifi titled “chronic illness” Chronic pain can be a truly debilitating experience. Whether you deal with pounding migraines, searing back pain, or a...