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Bailey Little

How Teenagers Can Find Connection
October 10, 2023

This generation’s teenagers have more ways to be connected than any previous generation. Whether it’s through social media, texting, or Facetime, today’s adolescents have more avenues of connecting than any other generation could have dreamed about. Despite all the...

How to Fight Boredom with a Summer Routine
July 17, 2023

Like many of you, I have been hearing a chorus of “I’m bored” from my school-aged clients recently. Without the structure of a typical school schedule, many teenagers get out of the routine of doing anything at all during...

The Importance of Community for Young Adults
March 14, 2023

As a society, we are lonelier than we’ve ever been. According to a study from the Survey Center on American Life in 2019, almost 50% of all Americans reported having less than 3 close friends, up from 25% reporting...

ACT Series: How Acceptance Helps You Get Un-Stuck
September 21, 2022

If you are a Harry Potter fan (like me), you probably remember the scene in the first movie where Harry, Ron, and Hermione go down the trapdoor to find the Sorcerer’s Stone. You may also remember one of their...

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Living a Meaningful Life
June 22, 2022

Living a rich, full, and meaningful life. Discovering and chasing after the things you value. Not allowing your mental health symptoms to get in the way of doing the things that are important to you. All of these are...

Burnout: Maintaining a Healthy Work Life Amidst Pandemic-Level Stress
March 15, 2022

One result of the ongoing pandemic is an increase in the number of workers reporting burnout. It’s not just the frontline doctors and nurses who are reporting increased levels of burnout at work; it’s teachers, school counselors, restaurant workers,...

3 Strategies for Starting an Exercise Routine
December 22, 2021

If you are anything like me, you’d rather stay snuggled up on the couch with your dog than go outside and exercise. Especially when the weather turns cold, it is much more enjoyable to curl up with a book...

And a Mindful New Year
December 22, 2021

We all have different pictures that come to mind when we hear the word “mindfulness.” Some of us may think of sitting cross-legged deep in meditation, while others of us may think of sitting outside near a flowing stream....