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Maddie McGarrah

Setting Screen Time with your Kids and Teens
June 13, 2023

Screens are now an essential part of our daily lives whether you are an adult or child. Children and teens now must use either computers or tablets while at school to get work done, do learning activities, and turn...

The 5 Senses Technique for Self-Regulation
March 14, 2023

When feeling overwhelmed and upset, it can be hard to calm down and think through your situation. I often recommend a mindfulness technique that uses the five senses to help you calm yourself when you’re feeling dysregulated. It’s simple:...

Why Play Therapy
March 14, 2023

If you have a child who is elementary age or younger and may be struggling with behavioral or emotional challenges, play therapy is likely the best fit for them. Play Therapy has been developed over the years as a...

De-Catastrophizing Your Thoughts
August 30, 2022

Sometimes what can cause us to feel anxious is our own thoughts. A common thought process we have when feeling anxious is going to the worst possible outcome in our heads for a situation that is coming up. This...

Letting Go of Perfectionism
May 9, 2022

One of my favorite researchers, Dr. Brene Brown, describes perfectionism as “a way of thinking and feeling that says this: ‘If look perfect, do perfect, work perfect and live perfect, I can avoid or minimize shame, blame and judgement.’”...

Parenting: Using Encouragement Over Praise
November 4, 2021

When your child gets a good grade, figures out how to do something, or completes something we often respond with praise such as “Great job!”, “Excellent”, “Way to get an A on that!”.  This is defined as praise.  While...

The Importance of Gratitude
April 9, 2021

Practicing gratitude in our daily lives can have multiple benefits on our mental and even our physical health.  One definition of gratitude that I like is, “the appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to oneself and represents a...

Positive Parenting: Setting Limits with your Child
January 11, 2021

Whether your child or children express it or not, rules and limits are good for them. Children thrive off consistency, and a great way to help provide consistency to your child is when you are setting limits for them....

Managing Stress & Anxiety
October 2, 2020

As I am sure we have all felt, the past months have brought on multiple stressors. In dealing with the global pandemic, working from home, your child’s school schedule changing, an economic depression, racial injustice, and many more, it...