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Teen Issues

It’s Planting Time
July 13, 2011

My daughter recently called about planting some sweet potatoes.  She reminded me it is a good time to plant them so they would be grown by Fall.  One of the most stubborn spiritual rules in the universe is ‘whatsoever a man...

Healthy Self Esteem in Teens
December 2, 2010

In today’s world developing healthy self esteem is a challenge for many pre-adolescent and adolescent girls. Our relationship with God, family, friends and the media all contribute to the development of our sense of self.  Today’s media has a particularly...

Bullying: Much More Than ‘Just What Kids Do’
October 28, 2010

Is school becoming an increasingly dangerous place for our children’s mental and physical health? A study of 43,321 high school students confirms that student-on-student bullying has become a serious problem in public and private schools across the United States....

How to Assist Your Distressed Child
October 13, 2010

Want to help your child be more resilient, achieve greater academic success, be physically healthier, and have improved relationships? The five steps for becoming an Emotion Coach for your child and developing their Emotional Intelligence.

Court Diversion Services Underway
October 6, 2010

Got substance related court problems? Check out our services to address both legal and substance abuse issues at the same time. Services are available at The Summit Counseling Center in Alpharetta and at Forsyth MAPP Diversion Program, Cumming. (

Synthetic Marijuana Testing is HERE!
September 10, 2010

Synthetic marijuana, K-2,Serenity, Spice,Genie, Smoke,Pot-pourri,Buzz, Hush, and other names are used to describe a drug alternative to marijuana.  It is sold on the street and used in our community by young people.  “Spice”, one of the more familiar names, is...