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Have you ever wondered “Is my child a bully?” or “Is bullying behavior affecting my child?”
June 22, 2020

Parents, teachers and counselors are noticing the increase of bullying in culture today. It is important to understand that both kids who are bullied and who bully others are at risk for serious and lasting emotional problems if the...

Are You Worried and Distracted? Anxiety versus ADHD
June 16, 2020

Current events are anxiety-provoking. Many are worrying so much that they can’t concentrate. While in a state of heightened worry, previously distractible individuals may struggle more than ever before. However, anxiety and ADHD are not the same and require...

Mom Just Listen to Me!
June 15, 2020

Sometimes we don’t feel like our parents listen to what we’re trying to say. That can be extremely frustrating and often leaves us feeling misunderstood. Here are a few tips to getting your parent to listen to what you’re...

5 Social Skills that Every Kid Needs to Master Part III
March 18, 2020

We’ve come to our final two social skills that every kid needs to master. While there are more than just 5 social skills, these five are foundational for all others that develop over time. #4 Recognizing Feelings in Others...

5 Social Skills that Every Kid Needs to Master Part II
January 7, 2020

Social Skills are crucial to success. Without social skills, none of us would make it very far in life. In my last blog, I touched on the first skill: Initiating Conversation and Listening Attentively. In this blog, I will...