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The Road to Acceptance
July 5, 2019

Things in our lives happen that are out of our control. The car breaks down. We get a shocking health diagnosis. People leave. The college you had your heart set on doesn’t accept you. Sometimes painful and unexpected things...

Changes and Transitions Happen Faster than We Want!
May 20, 2019

Let’s face it, children are always growing up too fast and going through different points of transition that may be harder than others. Sometimes during different times of change it can cause anxiety or sadness for kids because they...

Cultivating Wholehearted Living
April 29, 2019

  Are you looking for more joy and happiness in your life?  Do you sometimes struggle looking for meaning and purpose?  Are you going through a transition and attempting to reevaluate priorities?  Do you want to create a life...

Creating meaning and purpose in the midst of change
February 14, 2011

Throughout life it is normal and expected to experience periods of time when we seem to be transitioning from one phase of life to another.  Life transitions can be joyful – like when we get married or become a...

The Science Behind Happiness
September 29, 2010

Up until the last decade psychology has focused on the diagnosis of mental illness, empirically proven  interventions that decrease symptoms, and medications that improve daily functioning. Thanks to this research there is hope for people suffering from a multitude...