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Young Adult Issues

Improving Self-Esteem by Practicing Positive Affirmations Daily
May 9, 2022

A helpful, but not always easy, way to improve feelings of self-worth is the daily practice of positive affirmations. I like to use affirmations as a mental exercise, getting the mind into healthy shape. Positive Affirmations are helpful in...

Protecting Our Loved Ones
March 31, 2022

By Darrick Brown, MDiv, Mental Health Awareness Coordinator Sex and sexuality can create beautiful experiences. For some, it’s a bonding experience, a solidifying spiritual union. For others, it’s a fun expression of playful joy and thoughtfulness. Sex can be...

7 Cs of Resilience
October 6, 2020

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and is often a wonderful strength for those who possess it. Like many other things, developing skills and strengths often takes work and intentionality. Building resiliency in teens...

Self-Worth & Values
July 13, 2020

“I am valuable. I am worthy.” When was the last time we said that out loud to ourselves? How often do we say this to ourselves? For most people, it is rare if ever. Both acknowledging that we are...

What Happens When it Feels Like the House is on Fire!
June 29, 2020

Human beings are magnificently designed. When we are in a life-threatening situation our body reacts while shutting down our prefrontal cortex where planning, analyzing and problem solving occur. This process allows us to react immediately without wasting time. If,...

The Trouble with Transition: Life After College
May 11, 2020

During my time as a therapist, I have noticed various trends and patterns. I have picked up on when the busy seasons are; what life stressors are universal; and what type of client I may have in session with...

Transitions: How to Cope With Change and Set Realistic Expectations and Cope With Transition
April 6, 2020

Change is inevitable, in fact they say that the only thing in life that is constant is change. If we pay attention, we can see that even in nature things are constantly changing. The seasons change, the tide changes,...

Supportive Friends and Empowering Therapists
March 23, 2020

The scene is common. Usually, a group of men or women gathered around one distressed individual, plying them with tissues, words to bolster one’s masculinity, ice cream, and occasionally a nip of an adult beverage. For centuries, women and...

The Power of Self Compassion
March 18, 2020

Most of us can be critical of ourselves from time to time. We may judge our performance, appearance, behavior, or personality. Feelings of guilt or shame may prompt us to reflect on something we said or did. Reflecting on...